Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 49 Pueblo to Royal Gorge

After racing to Pueblo yesterday and getting there at 10 15 AM to have the bike serviced I had a forced late start due to lower bowel issues . Once these were sorted out with the help of Imodium there was the small matter of  the  days 60 mile ride into the Rockies. A few miles of flat  to get us off the plain and then we started climbing again. And if today's gradients are anything to go by the Rockies will be a lot easier than the hills in the east. Greg was also out of sorts today with the same problems so it was an easy paced day rolling into camp about 5 PM.
As it is a rest day tomorrow Jason, my motel room mate took the initiative to book a cabin on a classic retro catavan site. Photographs will be available for my caravan enthusiast friends.
So thats about it for today. Tomorrow is  a white water rafting day.

Miles today 62
Total          2469


  1. The hut is OK, but it doesn't have any wheels. But the silver beauty behind is well worth the photo. Love the luminous Colorado cumulus. John Denver in the tent tonight, then? Let's see what you say about the Rockies in a few days time. And did you go for the tyre change or not?
    Only 11,000 feet more to go. Bill xx

  2. AND 49 days in and only now hearing news of your bowels? Bill xx