Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 50 Rest day in Royal Gorge

It's strange suddenly being in a Tourist Area after riding over 2000 miles through small town America. I dont feel that we quite fit in but yes we did the tourist thing and went rafting down the Arkansaw river through level 2/3 rapids.

Sufficiently scary for most of us as the snow melt is still causing high water. Only Jason, possibly the all round fittest guy in the group managed to fall out of the boat. I think hr just wanted the photograph :)

Afternoon temperature was close to 100F today so that made for not doing very much other than sitting on the verandah drinking beer. Had a change of mind later on and visited the tourist attraction that is Royal Gorge.

And my bike is now sporting new 1.25" Pasela Panaracer Tourguard tyres so in theory I should be faster.


  1. Ah, bliss. Thank you Mr W; your trip has indeed been worthwhile. Bill xx

  2. Nigel and Chris25 June 2011 at 12:27

    Robert, you see we - the caravan community - are everywhere! Though soem of those rigs woudl not be up to the standards that my wife expects.


    I could manage very well if I was with George Clooney!