Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 58 Rawlins to Sweetwater

I didn't think it was possible to have a harder cycling day than some we have already had but today proved me wrong. 87 miles. 5 30AM breakfast. No services for the last 45 miles. And a campsite in the middle of nowhere with no showers and no grocery store or restaurants nearby. This meant that we had to carry food all day and the gourmet eveni.g meal on the menu was powdered taco soup supplemented with packets of something that looked like chicken. Actually Kelly and I were masquerading as chefs today and it didn't taste that bad.

Having said that the first 40 miles were very pleasant. We are in the wide open spaces of Wyoming and it really does feel like Indian country. Probably because it is.

All was well until we turned left at 40 miles straight into a headwind that got stronger and stronger  as the day went on. And it was all uphill  and a dead straight road making it barely possible to achieve 5 mph.

I arrived in camp at 6PM totally exhausted. And to make matters worse the campsite was swarming with giant size mosquitos that bite through your clothing.

As I am sat in the safe haven of the toilet blogging I still haven't worked out how to get in my tent and keep the mossies out.

Just one of those days you have to put up with when you are cycling across America.

Miles Today 87
Total         2906

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