Monday, 4 July 2011

The Lander Rodeo

Last night we met up with Greg and Dara ( imagine a Baywatch Babe on roller skates ) who is over from California for a few days and we all went to the Rodeo and ate popcorn. We were treated to calf roping, steer wrestling, barrel racing, bull riding, indian bareback racing and I have to say it was a thorouvhly entertaining 8$ night out. With my limited knowledge of matters horse I could see that a considerable amount of skill was involved. There was also something for the children where all the under 10's chased 2 calfs around the rodeo field with the objective of removing a ribbon from the calf's tail.  They start them young here.



  1. Rob I thought I had taught you everything there is to know about horses! Weren't you tempted to get involved and display your skills at putting on a head collar? The rodeo looks fab. Do you think Appleby would have liked it? I think not.

  2. Never mind the bloody cows and horses ...... where's the pictures of Dara ?

  3. I think Apples will take to the Rodeo as much as I take to the 5 30 AM breakfast.