Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 64 Rest day in Jackson

Not my favourite place for a layover. Too big, too much traffic and too many tourists. We are all pleased that Greg is rejoining us today but sadly Kelly is  leavi.g us tomorrow. She is having severe knee problems and has been suffering in silence for most of the trip. We will all miss her and hopefully a weeks rest will enable her to rejoin us. She is also our computer expert so an essential part of the team!

The next 3 days though are going to be awesome as we tour around Yellowstone National Park.


  1. Not sure what the time difference is between here and Yellowstone Park but it's your birthday here so ...

    Happy birthday to you
    Squashed tomatoes and stew
    Bread and butter in the gutter
    Happy birthday to you.

    49 again!

    Have a great day in Yellowstone and say hello to the other old (faithful) geezer!

    From Juliet, Alan, Jack & Tom

  2. Happy Birthday Rob - love from me & Irene. Riding in The Rockies @ Yellowstone must be awesome ... I'm envious. What a pity for Kelly after making it so far .... hope she can rejoin the group before the finish.

  3. Happy Birthday Robert (like I knew all along it was your birthday today!!) and bye Kelly and good luck with the knee. Hope you get back to the group to do more riding and Guest Blogging.

  4. Happy Birthday Robert! Love from Mum, Les & Dave. Reading your blog inspired me to drag Dave out for a cool 18 mile bike ride & typically, he was knackered at the end! (with lots of puffing & panting on the way) ha ha!