Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 65 Jackson to Warm River

Today is my birthday a.d what better way to start than a Mcdonalds  breakfast and a 10 mile ascent over the very STEEP Teton Pass, on a  bike  decorated with blue birthday ribbon. We are going this way  because cycling groups are not allowed to enter Yellowstone Park by the South entrance so we have to take a 140 mile detour to get in by the west entrance. Cars rule over here!

The day was not without incident. Hubert had a puncture at the start of the climb. Always diffiicult to repair with his Rohloff hub. The coupling on Dolores' Bike Friday trailer broke AGAIN halfway up the hill. Between us  Greg and I managed to make a temporary repair. At the top of the hill Greg announced that for personal reasons he was quitti.g the tour. Sad to see you go mate, have really enjoyed your company and if I dont see you in San Francisco at the end of the tour then somewhere on the slopes next season.

Ten miles from the end our Q sheets diverted us onto 5 miles of gravel track that was supposed to be a shortcut. Unfortunately we got totally lost due to errors in the instructions and ended up in camp very late at 8PM. No showers also meant that I finished the day bathing in the very COLD inappropriately named 'Warm River'

I alzo got some birthday presents. All in all a good day with some great riding.

Miles Today  75


  1. Rob,
    It was a blast living with you and the rest of the group for 3000 miles and two months. I look forward to seeing you at the end before you head back to your tiny island. Keep safe. Stop often. Stare hard. Have fun mate!

  2. I'm struggling with your definition of a good day! And bye to Greg - the blog watchers on this tiny island will miss him!

  3. nigel and chris11 July 2011 at 12:40

    Hi Darling, the picture of you in the all together sumply took my breath away, as I'm sure it took yours when you jumped in there! Hope important parts did not get frost bitten. And watch out for thsoe awful river paracites - they get everywhere. Lots of love froma concerned Christine. xx

  4. Justine said
    Hi I did send you a happy birthday message yesterday, did you get it?? If not Happy Birthday again from everyone xx

    Also the boys say thanks for the cool t shirts we got them today, atleast you can rely on the post if nothing else. Sorry to hear you had a cold bath. x

  5. And belated birthday wishes from Liv and I. Glad to catch up on the blog after missing ten days. Tumulteous events and scenery. Salutations to Greg, who sounds a top sort of chap. Maybe we can take him for a ride in Yorkshire one day. And now, bring on the bears! Bill and Liv xxx

  6. Wow, too bad about all of the incidents on Teton Pass, but very good that you all made it over! I hope Dolores is able to find a more permanent solution for her trailer soon.

    Sorry to hear about Greg -- I hope he's doing okay, and maybe back home already? I know he will missed by many.

    I'm still hoping to rejoin you all next week in Missoula (got good news from the doc yesterday).

    Thanks again for putting so much effort into your blog. It's so nice to be able to read about the adventures you guys are having. I'm hoping today and yesterday went a bit smoother than Saturday!

    Cheers :)