Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 77 Lowell to Grangeville

I popped my head out of the tent at 6AM to find that nearly everyone had gone. However
Ellen and Kelly were still atound so we all, including Dolo took a leisurely breakfast at 6 30AM in the cafe across the road from the campsite. Today's ride was only 48 miles with a tough climb back up into the clouds at the end but we saw  no good reason to rush.

As we passed through the Nez Pearce Indian reservation we called into the library in the town of Kooksie. On the wall was this amazing 3D plasticised poster (taken with a lentiltastic lens according to Art expert Ellen) for recruitment to the National Guard. Somehow I managed to generate sufficient charm to persuade the very nice (but camera shy) lady behind the desk to try and get me a copy. After sevetal telephone calls without success she decided that even though she liked it herself she would let me have the offiice copy, for wbich I am very grateful. Thank you, it's now posted to the UK.

Thereaftet we bumped into Zac and West, did the hill ( Ellen did it twice for fun ) and I was also overtaken by Zac at a very high speed and then West at a slightly less high speed, but I dont care cos I am a RECREATIONAL CYCLIST and speed sucks.

Tonight we are back to the delights of camp food.

Miles Today 50
Total          3942

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  1. It's all downhill from here !

    Look out for Mt Hood - the classic conical volcano.