Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 78 Grangeville to Riggans

After a prompt start today to continue the hill from yesterday and a superb latte in the cafe bya the town park I realised 4 miles down the road that I had forgotten to pay for it. So as the State line was still some way off I thought I had better go back and pay to avoid the possibility of arrest by the Highway Patrol and possible deportation.

Then somehow managed to miss the turn off to the scenic bit and ended up staying on US95 for the first half of the ride. However this had its compensations as the route was full of historical interest on the Nez Pearce Indians combined with a superb 10 mile descent. Bad news for Cathy and Ellen though as they were waiting for me at the top of the hill on the scenic bit.

Eventually they caught me up and found me eating Hucleberry pie and Ice cream in a delightful little roadside emporium just before Riggans. Great campsite by the river today.

Miles Today 49
Total         3993

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