Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 79 Riggans to Cambridge 4000 miles up!

Today we crossed the 45th parallel and for those who do not know it's significance including myself who passed GCE O Level in Geography there is a big clue in the photo below.

We are also doing extra miles today to convert a short day to a long day so that the long day tomorrow will be a short day.

This is because we are ascending Hells  Canyon which is notoriously HOT and will be even HOTTER tomorrow as we are on the edge of the heatwave currently lying over North America. Apparently it has claimed a few lives in the past so our leader Sally is determined that she is not going to lose anybody else for whatever reason at this late stage of the tour.

However, just in case Jason has bought himself a coffin ovet a few beers in the bar tonight. I joke not! Well it might have been more than a few (beers not coffins that is)

So twas a tough long ride today with 35 miles of up, then more up and then the bit that was supposed to be down was made flat by the headwind.

In a couple of days we will be out of the Rockies and IN THEORY it should get easier. Yeah right!

Finally rather worryingly, miles cycled have overtaken sponsorship pounds raised. So come on Guys. Help me out!

Miles Today 84
Total         4076

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