Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 83 Baker City to Prairie City

A very tiring ride today as we had 3 major climbs over 5000' as well as a warm up climb at the start. Why is it that after a rest day I always feel lethargic on the bike. Can someone please explain. And it is nothing to do with beer.

I started late today after a small lay in ( has to be done wben you have the luxury of a motel bed )  so  I fully expected everybody else to be in front. I was therefore quite surprised to hear Ellen's bell behind me and then Kelly mid morning.  Should have realised they had been loitering in Mcdonalds. I usually catch up Jack mid afternoon which I did today. Jack likes to take his time ( which I like) and usually departs between 5 and 6AM. He is also one of the special few in the group who can actually say that they have cycled the wbole route so far. Good on yer Jack. He also has aspirations to become a fully fledged member of the Stop and Stare team.

It goes without saying that the scenery today as we followed the Oregon scenic byeway was resplendent.

Miles Today 68
Total          4267

Total Sponsorship  £3965.00
Gift Aid                     £807.06

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  1. Hi Rob,

    Sorry been diverted by a family crisis for a few days. Missed your 4000th mile, so belated congratulations. Scenery looks magnificent. The reason you feel tired is you probably have rickets from eating only carbs and rubbish for the whole ride! Or just your body saying NOOOOOOOOOO.....