Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 84 Prarie City to Mitchell

Todays ride was the wrong way round for me. 50 mile descent followed  by 30 mile ascent followed by 5 mile descent into town. Only to find no showets and all the restaurants closed. So instead of the scheduled eating out night Terry and Jason saved the day by servi.g up an improvised meal of hot dogs, Jasons 'pasta like momma makes' and fruit salad.
The ride today was pretty tough and very hot in the afternoon as we were climbing up an amazingly  scenic canyon. I feel on this trip that I have been on the set of every Cowboy and Indian film that I have ever seen.
Also met a couple of bikers Greg and Chuck ( who was on the inaugural 1976 Transam ride and sporting a rather fine Bianchi cycling shirt) and who were good company on the hill. They ended up staying on our campsite and our chefs very kindly offered them our leftovers and we even let them cool their warm beer in our ice bag.
Very generous us Transamers.

Miles today: 84
Total miles: 4,350

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