Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 88 Mckenzie Btidge to Cobourg

Today was a day of two halves. First 30 miles were as dull as ditchwater on a horrible road with fast  cars, trucks and a not very wide shoulder. Second 25 miles were on a nice quite road thtough idyllic countryside not dissimilar to Yorkshire. Last 10 miles involved a detour into the very large city of Eugene to visit the REI Adventure store to buy fuel and bottles for my Trangia Stove.

I also visited the AMTRAK station and booked tickets for the final part of the trip. This is due to a slight change of plan which will add even more miles to the trip and which I will reveal in a subsequent post.

Tomorrow is an 80 mile + day to Florence and is THE FINAL LEG OF THE TRANSAMERICA TRAIL.

Miles Today  65
Total          4576


  1. Good luck on the last day of the Transam and goodbyeeeee to all your fellow riders. It's been great knowing them, sort of!

  2. Guys & Gals, congratulations to you all on reaching the end of your Transam adventure ..... I am envious (in part). Tomorrow I plan to go out for a short cycle in sympathy with your final run into Florence.

    P.S. Rob, Irene and I were at your flat again today and all is OK ...... although you do have about 1/2 ton of post waiting for you !

  3. Nigel and Chris2 August 2011 at 14:32

    Robert (and all those in your group that completed this marathon) - congratulations , ut has been a privilege to follwo the dauly exploits. Hope you are fully prepared for the new challenge, riding on your own (or have you persauded someone to join you??????

  4. It's the question that everyone wants answered!!

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