Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 87 Sisters to Mckenzie Bridge

I have to say that today has been up there with the best rides of the tour. After leaving the ranch early and riding the few miles into the 'boutique' trendy town of Sisters I could not resist calling in at the Sisters Coffee House for a latte and wholemeal apple muffin. On the eay out I bumped into Sally so I went back in and had another.

When the cycling finally started we had the small matter of the 10 mile ascent up to the volcanic lava fields of the Mckenzie Pass below Mount Washington. And it was glorious. No wind, good gradient, no RV's or trucks as road too narrow, and shade all the way up thanks to the tall trees on each side. And then at the top friendly tourists handi.g out ice cool water. The descent down the other side was even better. Ten miles of steep tree lined switchbacks all the way down, with a nice little deli at the end for lunch. Very civilised, only 46 miles, without doubt my kind of cycling.

And the icing on the cake. We are eating out tonight and only 2 more days before we get to Florence the official end of the route.

Miles Today  46
Total           4501

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  1. What does Dolores eat for breakfast? Whatever it is I WANT SOME!