Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 96 Eureka to Burlington State Park - Mission Accomplished

Today at 12 20 PM United States Pacific time just north of the Victorian town  of Ferndale my cyclometet showed 5000 miles precisely. I know that the photo in the blog looks very suspiciously as though it could be anywhere near Harrogate but I can assure you that this whole thing has been for real. I really have grafted my way for 5000 miles across this very big, hilly and windy country ( including writing this blog every day) It is very tempting to just chuck my bike into the Pacific Ocean now but I guess I had better do the whole thing  keep blogging and cycle the few hundred miles more to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

So far I have raised £4600 plus Gift Aid so I would like to offer  a big thank you to all of you that have sponsored me including those that intend to but have not quite got round to it yet :)

My blog has attracted nearly 15000 hits so I hope you have all found it entertaining and another big thank you for all your comments  ( despite Google's attempts to make it as difficult as possible)

I shudder to think how much Mcdonalds junk food I have consumed in order to use their free wi fi.

And this afternoon as I was cycling through the Avenue of the Giants in the Redwoods National Park the Californian Sun finally came out.

p.s  Would anybody like to pick me up at Manchester Airport. I fly in at 10 00 AM on 26th August.

Miles Today 63
Total         5032


  1. Let's go to Sanfrancisco, where the flowers grow in your hair. There may only be 2 wheels on your wagon ... but they're still rolling along. Rob, I had always planned to pick you up at Manchester Airport on your return ...... but you are arriving on a very awkward day for me. We are committed to attend a 60th birthday party in Bognor Regis that weekend. I'll check the calendar and if it's at all possible for me to come and get you on the Friday then I will.

  2. Well done Rob! Great job all round. We've loved following the blog and would love to hear more about it over dinner. You know you're welcome at ours but if you feel like staying at home for a while then we'll take you out for dinner in Harrogate.
    See you soon, Juliet, Alan, Jack & Tom.

  3. You want what from the airport? It's only 70miles back to Harrogate, which for a man with your pedalling prowess should be a walk in the park.

  4. Congratulations on 5000 miles! Thats a lot of bike rides in a short amount of time! You should be quite proud and I hope that you have enjoyed your stay in our country. Your tiny island will probably seem quite restrictive when you get back. I hope you will be able to readjust. I am wondering if your soft northern accent will have changed? Do you think all your friends will think you sound like John Wayne upon your return?

  5. Rob, I checked the calendar and our Bognor Regis party is not until Sunday 28th ..... so I will come and pick you up with my van on Friday 26th. It continues to be wet and horrible here .... not good riding weather.

  6. Fantastic achievement Robert - we are all so impressed. Can't believe you did a 5000 mile ride without knowing how you were going to get home from the airport though!! See you soon. And personally I will be very amused if you sound like John Wayne.

  7. john & Linda13 August 2011 at 01:28

    Well Robert you made that spin about a bit I think you ought to cyle back to the east coast.
    well done -fantastic achievment. You are invited to dinner on 27th at 7pm -cycle across.
    John & Linda