Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 97 Burlington State Park to Standish Hickey State Park. Leggett

After celebrating with a small glass of red wine last night, courtesy of John ( Man Utd and Beckham fan!) and Richard from Philadelphia, our neighbours on the campsite, the journey continued for a further 20 miles through the Valley of tbe Giants (Redwood Trees) and then back onto US101.

From that point onwards the ride deteriorated. Just a 20 mile slog up a busy dual carriageway with tbe temperature back up in the nineties. Lots of hippies, homeless people and hobo cyclists in this part of California too, although I am not getting a good vibe so far. The locals I have spoken to so far have been pretty unfriendly compared to what I have experienced in the rest of the USA. I read in another blog about a cafe owner that doesn't like cyclists in this part of the world and I think I came acoss him this morning.

Bumped into Jill this afternoon on US101 on her way to Sacramento (as you do). Looks like she wont have the time to cycle with us but she is hoping to meet up for a meal with us all when we meet Greg in San Francisco.

Tomorrow we hit the infamous US1.

Miles Today 50
Total           5082

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