Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 99 Fort Bragg to Manchester KOA

After waking up to temperatures in the low forties todays ride was one of outstanding coastal scenery, once we had got out of the built up area around the pleasant town of Fort Bragg. As the book said it was quite strenuous going into and out of all the coves and inlets along the route,

To get a hot shower tonight we are staying on the private KOA at 9$. The campsites over here are amazing value for hikers and bikers. Pity that due to the recession California is closing down over 70 State Parks.

I'm definately counting down the days now. Not attacking the hills with my usual gusto. Will be glad to reach San Francisco now and get the cycling over and done with.

Miles Today 44
Total          5179

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  1. I know you have had enough cycling but it could be worse. You could have been at Elland Road on Saturday!!