Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 98 Leggett to Fort Bragg

Our introduction to US Highway 1 was a long steep climb  out of Leggett through wooded forest and then a long gradual descent  back to the Pacific Coast. Glorious riding under the Californian sun and certainly as challenging as some of the climbs on the Transam.

From then onwards US1 hugged the coast plying us with lots of short sharp hills and descents into and out of the many coves that we passed. Not bad but not quite as good as the road between Whitby and Scarborough.

And considering that we are now only about 180 miles north of San Francisco I cant believe how cold it is. In camp tonight I am having to wear 2 T shirts, fleece, long cycling pants, gloves and a hat to keep warm.

Miles Today  53
Total          5135

p.s Thanks Ken for offering to pick me up at Manchester. I will let you have the flight number nearer the time.

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