Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 85 Mitchell to Prineville

Todays 'easy day' started with a testing 10 mile ascent up on to the Ochaca Pass followed by a 'flat' 30 mile dezcent with headwind into Prineville where I am now sat having a latte in Starbucks. Once again the cafe designated for lunch on the Q sheets was closed down. It's not just the UK in recession.

Today was also my final day in the camp kitchen so with the help of my sous-chef Jack  ( pictured below) I treated the group to my speciality wan kai thai red fish curry with petit pois followed by a desert of tri berry parfait topped with yoghurt a.d drizzled with honey. Had to substitute red snapper for cod but it seemed to work as they all came back for more.

Tomorrow we are staying on a ranch and as it is a short day and they dont want us there too early we are actually having a 7AM breakfast. And about time too!

Miles Today 54
Total        4406

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