Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 86 Prineville to Sisters

Today has been gloriously easy so far, no wind, little hills and only 38 miles. The snow capped peaks in the pboto are the Cascades and are the last geographical barrier before we hit the Pacific Coast. We cross via the Mckenzie Pass which has only been open for two weeks. I can tell that we are getting closer to Seattle as the taste of the coffee is definately getting better, although I cant smell the ocean yet.

Tonight we are being hosted by Patti and Annrka on their ranch just outside Sisters. A beautiful house in an idyllic location with stunning views of the Cascades. And the added bonus of a natural freshwatet pool for swimming in the back garden. It had to be done.

Miles Today 46
Total          4455

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  1. Nice place ...... book me in for a vacation !